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My Play Scripts by Joh Mann                              
Karaoke Killer:  Cast: 6M, 5F
Set in a karaoke bar, The Pink Flamingo, contestants in a karaoke contest arrive for an evening of singing, back-stabbing, and murder.  This play features a karaoke competition in which the contestants demonstrate how desperate they are to win the contest's $10,000 prize.   Competition brings out the best and worst in people.  The best can be something as simple as a gracious applause for the contest winner.  The worst?  Well, let’s just say that the worst could be contestants engaging in nasty little behaviors – back-stabbing behaviors – evil behaviors.  The greediest of us might undermine the success of others, deliberately plot someone’s downfall, or even pay off a judge or two.  Yes, some folks will seek victory at any cost – they’d do anything for a trophy.  Sad, isn’t it?  But it makes for a really great murder mystery.  This show has been successfully produced all over the world!   
I Buried an Idol: Cast: 5-7M, 6-8F (13)
This show is a spoof of a favorite television singing talent show.  The winner will receive a recording contract with RockStar Productions. The contestants crave fame, fortune, and the fabulous life of a reality TV star. Of course, in order to win, they’ll have to sing their way into America’s hearts…as well as the judges good graces. These kinds of competitions can get nasty – a perfect setting for a murder. Just ask our diverse panel of judges: Smalla I’mcool, Handy Racksome, and Cryin Towell. The show is hosted by our charming emcee, Brian Beesnest.  Set on a TV "sound stage", the show's producer/emcee does everything possible to keep this show moving and to ultimately crown a winner...AFTER they deal with the murder of a contestant, whose decapitated head shows back up onstage for a rousing singing finale. 
Great singers are not required...but ENTHUSIASTIC singers are a must!
A Grave Mistake:  Cast: 6M, 4F  (10)
This play is set in the Diggumdown Family Mortuary, where the family patriarch's three sons are in a desperate race to see who will knock off their father first - and ultimately take over the family business.   None of these boys are worthy of the family business of course.  If this wasn't enough tension for you, then throw in a manipulative and conniving daughter-in-law, a make-up artist with a talent for seeing spirits, and ghostly narrator, and you have a play that will keep your audience on the edges of their seats!  This show has a 45-55 minute run time.   
Spooklight Legacy Cast:  5M, 6F (11)   
This play is loosely based on a real-life haunted hotel in Arkansas.  The Spooklight Hotel was originally a hospital ran by an insane doctor wanna-be who claimed to be able to cure disease. After murdering hundreds of innocent patients, the site was converted to a hotel....but the spirits of the former patients got even and created a curse on anyone who owned the hotel....the owner must cure toe-cancer - or die from it.  This play features a "talking portrait" who narrates the story.  This show is set in the haunted Goodrest family hotel, Owners Havva and his wife Gedda are ready to make a decision as to which child will be forced to accept the "gift" of the hotel ownership - and the family curse.  Wisely, the offspring want nothing to do with the family's degenerating hotel and it's tragic history.   Featuring a talking portrait narrator, the Goodrest family, and a few ghostly characters, this show is morbidly funny, exploring the nuances of familial and funereal comedy. 
The Class Reunion:  Cast:  4-6M, 2-4F (8) 
Have you ever wished you could revisit your high school years and find closure to old relationships…renew an old flame…take revenge on those who slighted you?  The graduating class of Looneyville HS 1979 (or year of your choice) is returning to Looneyville High, home of the Looney Lemmings, for their 20-year class reunion.   This is their first time to return as a class and everyone is looking forward to seeing their old classmates with great anticipation.  As they renew old friendships, bodies begin to drop like, well…like lemmings off the proverbial cliff.   Discovering who the killer is becomes the question all are determined to answer.

Survivor Apocalypse:  Cast: 4-5M, 4-5F (9)
The world is full of celebrities who represent the American dream to many of us.   They are our idols, our role models, and our ideal of what success looks like in America.   But these role models are not what they appear to be.  Although we worship them, and want to be like them, and our children dress in clothing that holds their image…these celebrities are not necessarily holding up their end of the superstar’s bargain.  They have realized their success at the expense of common decency…their morality is lost, and their very souls are at risk.  A representative group of celebrities have been brought together by a mysterious TV producer, who has lured them to Apocalypse Island to live out the million-dollar dream of a reality show competition.  They are here to compete for a million dollars, which will be donated to the charity of their choice.   What they don’t know is that their philanthropic journey is much more important than they could ever imagine.  
The Beauty Pageant: Cast: 3M, 8F
Have you ever wanted to attend a beauty pageant - watch the show as it is being produced…see the girls as they prepare for the competition…pity their mothers as they watch vicariously on the sidelines?  Tonight is the night you’ve been waiting for!  (treat the audience as if they are attendees to the pageant) Your precious family member (sister, cousin, whatever) is competing for the grand title of Miss Perky Pout and you’re here to cheer her on.  Never underestimate the impact of crowd approval, so make sure the judges hear you as you support your “girl.”    Unfortunately, beauty pageants also bring out the worst in some people…so don’t be surprised at some of the shenanigans being pulled by contestants, their ever-present mothers, or even the judges, who have their own ulterior motives for being here.  The setting is any year, and should be decorated like a pageant would be, with a short runway in the middle.  

Circus of the Dead:  Cast: 3-5 M – 2-5 F,  (total 8, with option of more as a chorus)
We all know a retirement home is a place where people go to live out their twilight years, rest from years of hard work, and resent their children for their perceived abandonment.   This show is set in an unusual retirement home.  Clown Town is a special rest home – for ex-circus performers. A new retiree tries to convince them that retirement has come too early, but the motley group of patients, in a hilarious collusion of determination, try to decide if a retirement home is their future or if they are destined to perform again.  When one of them dies…is it at the hands of a serial killer or was it an accident? 

Karaoke Crime Scene:  Cast: 3M, 4F  (7) 
Karaoke Killer sequel...set in the abandoned Flamingo bar.  The Flamingo was once a lively and highly entertaining karaoke bar where the best of the best karaoke stars competed for the state karaoke title.  Now, the Flamingo is merely the subject of local folk stories and occasional teenage prank drive-by.   Tonight, a team of paranormal investigators, working for Crime Seen Magazine, takes on the daunting job of finding out if the rundown and abandoned Flamingo Bar is really inhabited by spooky characters – as is believed by the local townspeople.  In the dead of night – usually when the moon is full, the locals swear they have seen flashing light orbs and heard the sound of lively music coming from the abandoned building.  These nocturnal noises are always followed by the sound of a distraught woman crying  – a woman the locals believe is the ghost of the female karaoke singer murdered ten years ago on this night
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